Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lady Rattlers Headed for State!

Mediocrity was definitely out of the question for us Lady Rattlers during the tournament! I am so proud of my team for all the work they have put in this season, and especially for the heart with which they played during the tournament.
Sometimes life throws glitches our way, and they tend to upset our plans (if you haven't noticed!) But you know you're on the right track when you can look those glitches square in the face, put up a good fight, and hold your head high at the end. That's what the Lady Rattlers did this weekend!
Our first game in the tournament was one of the best we'd played all season, but things didn't seem to go our way. Sometimes I wonder why everything always seems so unfair for us (bad calls...) but I think that perhaps it's God's way of helping our team to come out stronger in the end. (Not to mention all the great lessons in sportsmanship we've experienced!) All that to say, we lost by three points. That meant we wouldn't be going to the championship game. Which also meant - we thought - no going to the State tournament. But we were still proud that we had truly left everything on the court, and we were determined to play the next day with all the heart we had.
So the next day we played for third place. It was our last game - we thought - and so it was bitter-sweet. But from the moment we stepped on the court we gave it our all and played an awesome game in which we were victorious! We were really satisfied to have won third place and played such a good game to end the season. Then, our coach surprised us by telling us that we would be going to the State tournament after all! We replied with screams of joy! All season our coach had chosen to tell us that only the top two teams could go to State, when in truth it was the top four, so even if we had lost both games in the tournament, we still would have qualified. But I suppose he wanted to see if we would play our last game just as hard for pure love of basketball, without the motivation of qualifying for another tournament. And we did.
So this weekend the Lady Rattlers will be heading to Waxahachie, TX to compete State-wide!
I am so proud of all my teammates for their amazing dedication this season. We've come out of most games the victors, but have come out of defeats with good attitudes and heads held high. I couldn't ask for a better basketball experience.
Lady Rattlers, let's get ready for State!

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slfink said...

Good luck at the tournament! Wish I could have come to more games this season, but...
Go Rattlers!