Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Louder Voice

Today I had the privilege of hearing Congressman Burgess speak, along with many other home schooled teens. He mostly spoke about government health care and the recently passed Stimulus Bill. Afterward the question and answer session led to an even deeper discussion.
My generation is going to be burdened with paying back the debt that the Stimulus Bill is creating. There is much more at stake besides this. Overall, it seems as if the liberal agenda is quickly taking over in America. What can we do to stop it? Many of my fellow teens asked this question.
The answer is to make our voices heard. The left obviously doesn't have a problem with making too much racket. Why can't we make just as much noise? I'll tell you one thing - we definitely can't sit by quietly. We must get involved. Congressman Burgess said - and I have found this true - that if you choose to stay uninvolved you will be surprised at how quickly things head the direction you don't like. We have to be that foot in the door.
I believe that Christians should be the most out-spoken people in America. We have nothing to be ashamed of, and nothing to be afraid of. Who can silence the message of freedom, the message of truth, the message of God? They may try to silence us, but they cannot.
Congressman Burgess emphasized the importance of communication with our government representatives. Letters, petitions, and even phone-calls are all effective.
I plan to stay even more aware in the future by keeping in touch with my local representatives, and I encourage you to do the same.
We have to give Conservatism a voice, America. And it has to be a louder voice than those that would silence us.

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So true, Liberty! Great thoughts.