Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Stimulus Bill

You may have heard of the bill that was recently passed in Washington DC. It's called the Stimulus Bill. It must be pretty important...after all, it was one of the first things President Obama did in office. But what is it?
The Stimulus Bill is the liberals' supposed effort to end the recession in America - this "crisis," in the President's own words.
"This is the worst economy since the Great Depression."
Well, actually, no. It isn't. Our nation's economy, just like everything else in life (including the climate!!!), goes up and down. It won't take you long to find some charts online. Just look. It's kind of like a heart beat. It goes up a little, and down a little. Up a little, down a little....do I make myself clear? This recession that we are currently experiencing is no more than a little dip in the cycle of America's economy. But it's being played up to be this terrible thing - the worst economy since the Depression - by our President! It's a lie.
The Stimulus Bill is intended to pull us out of this recession. In truth, if the American economy were left to itself, it would pull itself out of the recession. But the bill has already been passed. President Obama believes that by spending lots of money, the economy will be stimulated and get going again. But when all is said and done, this bill is expected to have spent over $1,000,000,000. One Trillion Dollars. Ok, that's a lot of money...but how much? Here's a little calculation to put in into perspective for you:
If you deposited a million dollars into a pot every day since the birth of Jesus, you would still not have enough to pay for the proposed stimulus package
(2,008 years x 365 days x $1M = $732.9B).
Ouch. Now, is it just me, or does it seem really ridiculous to dive into $1,000,000,000 of debt in order to pull America out of the present recession? America doesn't have all that money. Our only options are to borrow it or print more. By printing more we decrease the value of the dollar. Eventually we will be forced to borrow money from sources we really shouldn't be dealing with - nations that would love to have us at their mercy. This doesn't seem wise to me.
Think of all the problems this debt will create. If a real economic crisis is what the President wants, it looks like he just might get it. And guess who is going to have to pay back all that money? My generation. Now I'm not trying to complain, and I definitely don't want to be the voice of doom. However, Americans need to be aware of what's going on. The Stimulus Bill is more than an effort to get the economy going again. It's just one step in the scheme to enlarge government control. Even Obama says that the Stimulus Bill will take years before it really begins to take affect. By then it will be time for another Presidential election. The economy will just have started to get going again, and it will appear that it was Obama who was responsible for the rebound. Don't you see where this is going?
We have to stay aware of what is happening. America is a constitutional republic - a free country with limited government. The government is limited for a reason. Our forefathers had experienced life under unrestrained government. The Pilgrims even tried Socialism for a while. But they knew it didn't work. That's why we have the freedoms we do today. The Stimulus Bill has already been passed, and so we can't sit around and complain. But we do need to wake up and realize that there are people in Congress who would try to completely remake our nation from the roots up, and that includes increasing the power of government.


Anonymous said...

Hey Liberty, I love your blog. It was really interesting, and I can tell you put a lot of work into it. I love ya, and appreciate you voicing your thoughts.
Love, Natali

Caitlyn said...

I am a republican.
Just know that.
Both my parents voted for McCain.
But this recession IS a HUGE problem. It IS the worst economy since the Great Depression.
BUT his stupid stimulus bill ISN'T gonna help ANYTHING. It's basically going to waste OUR tax dollars and help squat. As it is he says (this is a DIRECT QUOTE), that "we need to spread the wealth around." You know where that comes from? LENIN! THE FREAKING FOUNDER OF COMMUNISM!!! His socialistic views SICKEN me. Many working Americans are being forced (by high taxes) to pay for lower class people (Many of which sit on their lazy butts and take YOUR money while doing nothing). I get that people need stuff, but forcing other people to pay the price is NOT the way. People give charity because they WANT to, not because they HAVE to. I went to public school and I see everyday how *half my public school* got free lunch. Now my dad has to pay a whopping 20 grand a year to send me to private school JUST SO THAT I CAN GET A GOOD EDUCATION! Obama needs to stop giving lazy people money! He needs to deport illegals (who are taking jobs from American citizens). He needs to let the car companys and banks fail. Why? because they are just going to want more and more money. Have you SEEN American cars? They are CRAP. America needs to start over.... but this extreme spending of money isn't going to help anything! By the time this is all over the Chinese are probably going to own us!

Well that was my opinion


Stephen said...

Like I mentioned in one of my previous comments, this is the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. There are according to the official statistics from the Dept of Labor at least 15 million unemployed Americans. And that doesn't even include those who have given up looking for a job because they haven't been able to find one. And between 2008 and 2012 more than 4 million home foreclosures are expected in the U.S. Every 13 seconds another home goes into foreclosure. Unemployment continues to climb while tax dollars continue to flow to the banks. The rich are making workers pay for the economic downturn. The bailouts are the strategy of giving money to the same people who got us into this mess. You are right. We are being forced to
pay for all this. A situation we didn't create.

To date the government as provided $12 trillion in bailouts and loans to the bankers - almost as much money as the U.S. economy generates in a single year. This is prob the biggest redistribution of wealth in history. Bailouts for the rich and
cutbacks for the poor. Working people aren't being helped while trillions of their taxdollars are being given to Wall Street. People can't make their mortgage payments,
they lose their house and are kicked out on the street. Then both parties, the Democrats and Republicans give other peoples' money (our money) to their
banker buddies. Now that's spreading the wealth around.

The economy left to itself, the free market, is actually what caused the recession. The financial deregulation and privatization of the last 30 odd years, the rampant greed and speculation on Wall Street all contributed to pushing the financial system off a cliff.

The rich ruling class who controls the government and have all the power aren't against big government if its in their interests to help themselves. The state is their tool to protect themselves. Throughout its history,
capitalism has been nurtured by the active involvement of the state. Government doesn't exist by itself. There has to be someone controlling it/running it. It doesn't matter if there is more or less government control. The real question isn't the size of government. Its whose side the government is on. Who is running it. Who is in control of it.
And it aint't us.

Stephen said...

To Caitlyn:

Lenin wasn't the founder of communism. And neither was Karl Marx for that matter. Primitive communism existed for tens of thousands of years. To date it is the social-economic system that lasted the longest. Longer than slave society, feudalism, and capitalism for that matter.

Working class people are the lower class people of society. And we are the ones who pay the highest porportionally in taxes. We don't pay for ourselves, we actually pay to keep the rich upper classes in luxury and keep their government running. They don't want to pay for any of that so they force us to. They are the true lazy bums who sit around and do nothing while spending our money.

Immigrants aren't taking our jobs. The businesses are sending jobs overseas so they can get things made for cheaper. In other 3rd world countries they can pay workers cents a day because theres no minimum wage or labor laws.

Obama is rich and is supported by business lobbyists who contributed to his election campaign. Just like all politicians. He was never going to let the car companies or banks fail. Because he is there to defend the capitalist system and keep it and his business buddies from failing. They control the government and they use it to save themselves whenever they need it. And you are right, they are going to want more and more money. And they are going to get it. Because they own and control our society.