Thursday, April 16, 2009

Protests Sweep America!

Perhaps you haven't heard. Perhaps you weren't watching. Perhaps you didn't participate. But you can't change the fact that it happened!
Yesterday thousands of Americans gathered together under the theme: Taxed Enough Already! Tea Parties were held in every state in thousands of towns. Even though taxation without representation and the out-of-control government spending were the main items that originally incited the Tax Day Tea Parties, patriots marched and carried signs for several reasons. But everyone who participated rallied around one central idea; that we need to take our country back!
I attended a Tea Party in Sherman, Texas, with my mom and my cousins. We worried that there would be a low turn-out. But as we started nearing the Grayson County courthouse at 10:30 in the morning, the streets were already lined with cars! We saw protesters circling the courthouse lawn with signs, and a huge crowd - over 200 people - was assembled around the courthouse steps! It was so amazing and encouraging to see and talk with so many more people who are also aware of our nation's jeopardy.
There was a bullhorn at the top of the steps for anyone who wanted to speak to the crowd. My cousin, Nicki (400things), and I decided to take the opportunity. Nicki gave a speech based on one of her recent blog posts, "Rebellion." I think that every protester who heard her agreed that rebellion is an American tradition, and that we must rebel if we want to preserve our great nation and our personal rights! Then I was able to give Ronald Reagan's Inaugural Address (the one I posted a while back) through the bullhorn. It was wonderful to hear so many people clap and cheer at his words, which are so applicable to America's present state. Afterwards we had the privilege of being interviewed by the the local TV channel and the local newspaper.
I can't say that the media did the best job reporting the Tea Parties, but I am thankful that they covered it! No one can deny what happened yesterday, although the President denies that he knew anything about the Tea Parties. However, thousands of people also sent tea labels to the Whitehouse in protest, so if he truly didn't know about them, (very doubtful) he will soon.
I wonder if the Obama Administration will view what happened yesterday as an act of terrorism. Obama has forbidden the term "War on Terror" in reference to the war going on in the Middle East right now, but he has also warned law enforcement of "Extreme Right-Wing Terrorist"! Yes, now the politically correct term for the War on Terror is the Overseas Contingency Operation. And this is the warning that was sent out about anyone holding Conservative views (which probably includes you): Read it. You will be shocked.
But this is not the last they will hear from us. Other Tea Parties are already scheduled! Find out when the next Tea Party is near you, and participate!!
Here is a link to the news story on the Tea Party in Sherman with my interview:
Here are some pictures.

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slfink said...

Have you seen the column in the Gainesville newspaper from this Thursday (April 23) titled "Who are the 'right-wing extremists'?"