Monday, September 7, 2009

Back with a Bang!

I'm sure that many of my followers haven't exactly been following me for the last month...and it's my own fault for not posting in so long. For that I apologize. But I can't let a busy lifestyle get in the way of exercising my freedom to speak, now can I? Nope! It's time to dust off the keyboard, don the writing cap once again, and get back to blogging! And boy, do I have a lot of things to blog about. So here we go. . . .
The freedom to choose our own health care is hanging by a thread. Tomorrow Barack Obama will be addressing school children all over the nation. Hollywood liberals are pledging their service to the President - let's hit that one first.
Have you heard of the I Pledge video? It was created by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, and many other celebrities are involved. In the video, various celebrities "pledge" to do some of the following things: laugh more, be better parents, care for the elderly, sell their cars so they can buy hybrids, conserve water and plastic, and get involved in community service. You know I don't buy into the whole "green" agenda, but for the most part, the things they were pledging to do were good things. (I'm just wondering why they've just now decided that they should try to be happier, and care for the elderly, and take better care of their kids.) So what's wrong with all of this? They are pledging to do all of these things in service to Barack Obama! Not to make their lives better. Not to make America better. But to serve the President! It's utterly ridiculous in the least.
The President of the United States is elected to serve the people. The government is supposed to serve the people by protecting their freedom. Never were the people of America meant to serve anyone but God Almighty, nor anything but America itself. In the Revolution the Patriots cried, "No king but King Jesus!" So why are these people pledging their service to Obama, as if he were their king?
And they're asking you to do the same thing! I would like to tell you that the only pledge you should ever have to say in this country is Pledge of Allegiance. The Pledge of Allegiance is not a promise to serve any person or anything. It is what it is - a pledge of allegiance and respect to the flag, and to the republic it represents, which is one nation Under God.
If you don't believe all of this, look up the video on YouTube. And by the way - if this health care bill is passed, instead of caring for the elderly, the government will be telling the elderly when they can live and when it's time for them to die.
This theme of service to Obama is reaching farther than YouTube. Now it's going to be placed in front of millions of school children.
Tomorrow, on September 8th, Obama will be addressing all the school kids in America. From what I have gathered, he will be introducing "new ideas", and asking children to do jobs to help out.
I looked up an official menu of classroom activities, published by the Department of Education, to go along with the speech. (Here's the link.)
During the address, students will be told to asked themselves, "What is the President trying to tell me? What is the President trying to ask me to do? What new ideas and actions is the President challenging me to think about?" They will also be asked to write down any key phrases or ideas that are "important or personally meaningful" to them.
I have not heard the speech. But anyone with common sense should be able to tell that this is not good at all. Will children be persuaded to serve their President instead of serving their country? This remind me of the Hitler Youth! You can call me crazy, but isn't this what Hitler did to the children of Germany?
Thankfully, each individual school district will be allowed to choose whether or not their schools will show the address. And many districts have decided against showing the address because of the opposition of so many conservative parents.
There are also many parents who will not be sending their kids to school tomorrow.
If your school is going to show Obama's address, please watch it critically. Go to school with the America our anscetors founded in mind. Know what America was meant to be. Remember that the President, and the government, is supposed to serve YOU. You should never be required to pledge your service to any person. The only pledge you should ever have to say is the Pledge of Alliegiance.
It would be very easy to see everything happening to our country right now and hang your head in despair. Or you could join the thousands who are waking up to the fact that they can't sit idley any longer! You may not hear the stories of the many Americans who are lifting their voices louder and louder, because the liberal media tries to cover it up. But there is a lot of patriotism stirring among the people, and we are standing up for our country.
Don't despair, and don't give up hope!
There is a sun on this dark horizon. And best of all, there is a God who loves His people.


Anonymous said...

I am very impressed with your clarity of thought, and the depth of research that you have done on this subject. You are an amazing young lady. God bless and keep you writing and blogging to "set the record straight." You will be a "world changer, for the better!"

Gwen Harwell

Nicki said...

Liberty, you are so right about 'organizing youth.' It is eerily similar to the Hitler Youth, and back then, no one saw it as anything but great volunteer work. Until later. If people think you're crazy, it's because they don't understand history. Keep up the good work!

Stephen Rutherford said...

Not only the president but Congressmen and Senators are all elected to "serve the people". But the only ones they serve are their rich lobbyist masters. They pretend to serve "the people" and tell us nice things to get us to elect them but they answer to another class. Both parties do this.

If the government is supposed to protect our freedom then why was the Patriot Act passed with the support of both parties?

Insurance companies are the real death panels. They decide what treatment their customers get by deciding if they'll cover a treatment or medicine or if they'll deny a claim.

Indoctrination of youth and the entire populace for that matter aren't exclusive to Nazi Germany. It goes on in every country. Different nationalism, different patriotism. We're taught from earliest youth that no matter what, if something is done in the name of freedom, liberty, and justice that it's right and good and that we must support it (like going to war). And if we don't support it then we're labelled as anti-American traitors.