Thursday, September 10, 2009

What Was Wrong With Obama's School Address?

On Tuesday the President gave his tensely anticipated, controversial speech to all the students of America. The end result?
There was nothing wrong with what Obama said.
He spoke about perseverance through the hard times in life, the importance of personal responsibility, and staying in school. He told students that their hard work in school was important because they are the future of America.
This is all true. Perseverance, studying hard, and personal responsibility are all very vital - especially to a kid during the school years. I understand this.
The problem? I don't think President Obama believed a word he said.
Of all the people to talk about personal responsibility!
During his Presidential campaign, Obama falsely proclaimed that America was undergoing her worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. We were in a recession, but it was not nearly as bad as the Depression. It was only the worst recession since Jimmy Carter's Presidency. Now our economy is in an even worse state, because Obama hasn't done anything to help it at all. He's increased taxes, spent trillions of dollars on government programs that don't work, and now he's proposing a health care bill that will not only go against everything America stands for, but will lead us into even deeper dept. Now many more people have lost their jobs, and the only jobs on the rise are government jobs!
During these hard times, Obama has told America over and over that we must be willing to sacrifice, that it's time to "tighten our belts" until we pull out of the recession. And he promised that the White House would be doing the same thing.
But has he? No. He is living a very extravagant life (even more so than most Presidents in good economic times) while he's telling everyone else to "tighten their belts."
This is also the man who appointed a publicly communist Czar, who wants socialist health care, and who wants a socialist country in general! Communism and socialism evoke the opposite of personal responsibility. It just doesn't seem like he understands enough about personal responsibility to be telling kids about it.
He also told the sad story of how he was raised by a poor, single mother in Indonesia, who wanted to make sure he got the same standard of schooling as children in America. So she woke him up at 4:30 every morning to do school work.
But, from everything I've heared ever since his campaign, the reason Obama lived in Indonesia was because his step father worked in the oil business. (It's likely their family was quite wealthy.) It doesn't sound like he was living in Indonesia with a single parent. And I know for a fact that Obama attended a Muslim school - about the farthest thing from an American education you can get.
Not only did the President encourage the students in character traits that he himself does not openly possess, but either lied or didn't present all the facts.
It also strikes me as suspicious that he refused to release the speech on the internet until Monday, the day before it was given. Normally, the speech would have been released much sooner, because parents and teachers typically want to know what is going to be said to their children. But Obama has not done anything to gain America's trust; in fact, I'd say he's losing it day by day. Parents didn't know what was going to be said to their children, because they felt they couldn't trust Obama! All the opposition caused many school districts to back out of showing the speech at their schools. The White House didn't expect so much controversy. And since the speech wasn't allowed to be released until Monday, there was plenty of time to alter it, if the President had a mind to do so. I think it's very probable that he did. If you go to the link in my previous post and read the work sheet that was supposed to go along with the speech, you'll see that some of the questions for the kids to answer don't really make sense or match up according to what was actually said.
So the President didn't come out and overtly propose something like the Hitler youth. But in the past, he has mentioned things like a youth national guard, which would require every youth to serve in some sort of military.
But what he did do was tug at the heart strings of thousands of students. I heard part of the speech live on the radio, and I heard the pitying gasps of the students listening as he told the story of waking up at 4:30 a.m. to do school. Now there are probably many, many kids who are thinking, "He's not such a bad guy. In fact, he's pretty cool!" So the next time he addresses the students of America and starts to suggest some new ideas, or asks a little more of them than just to work hard in school, they'll say "Sure!" Because they like him. So why not "help him out"?
Just saying, it's very possible, and very probable.
And lastly, at a time in a President's term when there are so many crucial issues to deal with, it's not appropriate to address students. It's just not. There's nothing wrong with addressing students, but not at a time like this.
So, there was nothing really wrong with anything Obama said. He hit all the right notes - everything one would expect to hear in such a speech. But we have to look beneath the surface. There is a lot more going on than meets the eye at first glance. There always is! If more people would look a little deeper beneath the words and the outward appearance, more people would know the truth. And I believe that more people are beginning to do just that.

One last thing before I sign off. Tomorrow is September 11th. Please take time to remember our brave patriots who lost their lives or their loved ones on that day in 2001. Hang your Flag - say the Pledge of Allegiance! And pray for America. Pray for God's protection to cover our country. And pray that we will turn back to God.
God Bless America.

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Stephen Rutherford said...

This actually is the worst economic crisis since the depression. The size of the bailouts so far, $13 trillion, is proof enough of that. The $787 billion stimulus bill is larger than any single measure passed during FDR's New Deal. It's been over 2 years. I think this qualifies as a depression as much as neither party wants to admit it.

I agree Obama hasn't done anything to fix the economy. Instead of creating jobs programs like the WPA or CCC of the 1930's he's just given tax breaks to businesses, hoping they'll hire people.

Obama's health care "reform" plan, was really just a sellout to the insurance industry, which would've required people by law to buy private insurance, guaranteeing them millions of new customers and billions more in profits.

One of the main factors sending the government deeper and deeper into debt are the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Trillions of dollars being drained away for that. The cost of the Vietnam war was primarilly what caused the financial crisis of the early 70's.

All politicans from both parties are rich. They are the representatives of the rich. Democrats and Republicans are merey two sides of the same coin. They both take bribes from lobbyists.

Regarding socailism: Obama, the Dems, and America aren't socialist. They are capitalist just like the Republicans. No matter what Fox news says. Socialism is the working class majority of society, the people who do all the work, democratically and collectively running society based on need and not profit for personal gain. Unlike captitalism, which is a system where a rich minority of society sits back and doesn't work while reaping the benefits produced by the poor working majority of society who do work. THATS the opposite of personal responsibility. Its palmed off as the best system possible, with liberty and freedom for all. When in reality its a system for liberty and freedom for a select few.