Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Five Minutes for Haiti

On January 12, Haiti, the poorest country in our hemisphere, suffered a 7.2 earthquake. This was extremely devastating.
Now Haiti has suffered a tremendous after-shock; a 6.2 earthquake.
There are people in Haiti who are still trapped in the rubble. There are people suffering from injuries. There are doctors that are having to operate outdoors, saving those that can be saved in time, passing others by. They are forced to make these difficult decisions just like war-time doctors have been forced to do in the past.
There is a major shortage of food and water. Many American troops are being deployed to Haiti. I even know someone personally who has just been deployed.
There are several things we can do to help the Haiti victims. But the most important thing we can do is pray.
So join me in a prayer battle!
I am making a promise to spend at least five minutes everyday praying just for Haiti.

Pray for the Christians in Haiti, that they will find their strength in God and be able to reach out to those in need.
Pray for those who do not have Jesus, that they will run to Him through this experience.
Pray for the people who are in Haiti to help - the American military, doctors, rescue workers, etc.
Pray that the practical needs will be met.
Ask God what else you can do.

I encourage you to even pray longer than five minutes if you feel led to. The Bible talks about God's heart for those in need. This is our chance to help them.
Who will join me for five minutes a day?

There are also several practical ways to help. I suggest visiting Samaritan's Purse. They are a reliable Christian organization doing a lot for Haiti right now.


yandr_1995 said...

Thanks, I will definately do that!

a u b r e y said...

I am interested to hear what you have to say about Obama's speech tonight...
Aubrey C:

Liberty said...

Hey Aubrey,
Ok, I actually didn't watch the State of the Union address! (I know I should have!!) But I did hear a lot about it on the news the next day, and I heard some clips from it. From what I've gathered, both republicans and democrats were disappointed in the speech.
The President was hoping to have passed his health care bill that "the people [don't] want," so he could brag about it. But with the Scott Brown election, they didn't get that vote - thankfully!
In one of the clips of the speech I heard, he even said something to the effect of, "I can't do this alone. I need your help," or something. Very un-presidential. He really hasn't done anything to brag about. Job losses are up. Polls show that his popularity is down. People were looking for a cheerful, hopeful speech like the ones he campaigned with. But instead, they're realizing that Obama's promise of "hope and change" was an empty promise.

So there you go. That's my opinion. :)

a u b r e y said...

cool. thanks, i was just curious C: