Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's a...TEEN Party!

On April 15, 2009, concerned Americans gathered in every state to protest excessive taxation and many other crucial issues. Since then T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already) Parties have grown and helped more and more people to become aware of the dangerous state of our nation.
It was at the last T.E.A. Party, on Veteran's Day, that a friend and I looked around and marveled that we were the only teens present. This disappointed us.
Make no mistake; all the adults in attendance definitely should have been there! If freedom means something to anyone, it means something to the adults of our nation; Americans who persevered through the Great Depression, World War II, Korea and the Vietnam War.
But the fact is, there is an entire generation of young Americans nearing the conversion from childhood to adulthood. There is an entire generation that will soon be voting, entering college, beginning careers, making money, paying taxes...and ultimately, shaping the country. Who does that generation include? Me. Teenagers. Kids. Youth. Within the next ten years, America will be our responsibility! So it's very crucial that the youth of today be concerned with their!
It was at this time that a little idea sparked inside our brains.
"Hey," we said. "Let's make it our goal to get as many teens to the next TEA Party as possible."
We talked about it a bit - thought of some advertisement ideas that would appeal to teens. Then, another thought hit us.
"Why couldn't we co-host the TEA Party? We could stand on the steps of the courthouse right beside the adults. Some teenage speakers might keep the teens' attention better."
"Why couldn't we host the TEA Party all on our own? Why not make it a total Teen TEA Party?"
Now a Teen TEA Party is officially planned for Saturday, February 13, on the steps of the Cooke County Courthouse in Texas! What a way for teenagers to show that they are concerned with doing something really important!
We have a message for every teen out there, whether they already care about politics or not.
There are too many teenagers who could care less about politics, because they've never been told why they should care.
There are also a lot of teenagers who really do care about America and our future as a nation. But they aren't correctly informed. They've been told in school and by the media that the way to make a difference is to stop Global Warming. They've been told that President Obama is "cool" and he's going to whip the nation back into shape again. So the way to make a difference is to do what he asks us to.
And then there are teens who are aware of the truth, but they don't know what to do about it.
At the Teen TEA Party, we hope to reach all these people; those who don't care, those who care but are misinformed, and those who are informed but don't know what to do.
So, what's actually going to happen at this TEA Party? All we're doing is exercising our first amendment right, in a really fun, creative, "teenager" way. There will be skits, music, and food (including tea!) along with informative and inspirational speeches - all by teens. Teens at the TEA Party will learn why they should be concerned about certain issues and how they can help. There will even be an open mic, so that any teenager who desires to share their concerns or opinion may have the freedom to do so!
I'm praying that this will be a big success, and that our small group of teens in Cooke County, Texas, might inspire teens across America.
Are you a teen who cares about America? Do you wish more of your friends cared just as much?
You can do this too! Organize a Teen TEA Party for people in your area. It's not as hard as it sounds. You will have to put in some serious effort. But don't you think getting a bunch of teens fired up and motivated about America is worth it? I truly believe teens can change America. But it has to start somewhere, with someone like you and me. And if we don't do something, there's no guarantee that anyone else will. Even Dr. Suess agrees!
Unless someone like YOU cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.

P.S. Contact me for ideas on getting your own Teen TEA Party started!
Look for Liberty Davidson on facebook (please mention that you read my blog when making your friend request), or go to our facebook page, TEA Parties for Teens (North Texas).


Anonymous said...

If I lived anywhere near Texas, I would definately come!
I hear you about the global warming. The Earth will stop when it's naturally supposed to, and there's nothing we can do about it.
I do recycle as much as I can though. I mean, hey, we can still save a few trees without going overboard can't we?

a u b r e y said...

hey lib!
let me first start off by saying that i miss you a whole stinkin ton!!!!!!!!!!!! and im bummed you arent going back to guate, but im proud of you for letting god have his way before your own wants. but i'll be updating the 2010 blog while we're there and up to it, so keep up on what god's doing. C:

second off, i love your blog. haha. i am not one that is very up to date on politics and such, but i really enjoy reading yours.

and third, have you heard of TEENPACT? i'm not sure if they have one in Texas, but i think if they do, it would be something you would really enjoy doing, it's how im getting my goverment credit for this year.

hope you're doing fantabulous girlie. call me sometime, i'd love to chat again!!