Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Victory in Massachusetts!

Yesterday conservatives and liberals alike held their breath as a crucial election took place in Massachusetts.
The election was a senatorial one. Scott Brown was the conservative underdog, standing strong against government health care and government control. Martha Coakley was the liberal who promised to vote for the health care.
All the Democrats needed was one more liberal vote in the Senate in order to ram the health care bill through.
Sorry, Obama! The people cast their votes, and Scott Brown won the election! Even the most liberal state in the union stood up against blatant government control. Republicans and Democrats voted for Scott Brown, because, like the rest of us, they do not want government health care. Way to go, Massachusetts!
With all the protests and opposition, you'd think Obama would get the message. You'd think he would see that America didn't want government health care after all. But he still wants to force it through. Obviously, it's not about helping the people. For him, it's about gaining more control.
This just goes to show what can happen when the American people speak out. Praise the Lord that Americans everywhere - even in Massachusetts - are opening their eyes to see who Obama really is.

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Stephen Rutherford said...

Scott Brown and the rest of the Republicans, as well as the Democrats are against "government health care" for ordinary working people. But they aren't against government health care for themselves. Elected officials and their families have all their health care paid for by taxpayers. I'm sure Scott Brown has no problem with that.