Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First Teen T.E.A. Party!

The wind was cruel. The snow was deep. Our lips were chapped. Our toes were numb. But our hearts were warm and our spirits high as we celebrated Presidents' Day with our first Teen T.E.A. Party! At the beginning of the T.E.A. Party, we remembered the Patriots over 200 years ago who left bloody footprints in the snow. If they could do that, surely we could stand in the cold for two hours with our coats, hats, and gloves! Easier said than done. But despite the FREEZING cold, about 50 people - mostly teens - enthusiastically endured the whole two hours to make a stand for freedom in America! At the end of the Tea Party, I had a strenghtened appreciation for those brave men who marched through the snow in nothing but rags.
The Gainesville Daily Register, our local newspaper, covered the Tea Party and did an excellent job! In fact, the article on Monday was so great, I thought I'd just let you read it for yourself.
Teens unite at T.E.A. Party for President's Day event
By PAMELA ROBINSON Register Staff Writer
Teens took to the East side steps of the Cooke County Courthouse Saturday morning for their President’s Day T.E.A. Party.
A crowd of about 50 people participated and stood in coats, hats and blankets in 34-degree weather to hear the speakers, the singing of the national anthem, watch skits and take turns at the open microphone to express their political views.
Liberty Davidson, a primary organizer of the event, said T.E.A. stands for, “Taxed Enough Already,” and stated prior to the event that it probably brings in people of a more conservative persuasion, but that the gathering was for teenagers and people of all ages and political views.
Teenager Victoria Blessing stood at the top of the courthouse steps, flanked by three teenage colleagues on each side holding signs, to help her unveil the “Six Simple Steps of Being an Intelligent Voter.” The steps were:
Set standards and know your values. Make a list of what you believe and what you stand for. Know what your stance is and where you stand on relevant issues.
Know the democratic system. Know your constitutional rights. Know what you can and cannot do. Understand the government of which you are an integral part.
Research the election and the important issues at hand. Research the candidates running, including their voting record, what the candidates have said in the past and know their values and morals. Use websites like and for information.
Get a list of standards and compare the candidates with your research. Compare which candidates have similar values to you and care about issues that are important to you.
Choose a candidate who will uphold the values you stand for and who you feel will make the right decisions. A vital part of this step is prayer.
This is the easy step. After following the previous five steps, you should be able to vote confidently. Don't think your vote is just one in a million and that it doesn't matter; every vote is as important as the individual behind it.
“Everyone 16 and older is eligible to vote in the next Presidential election,” Blessing continued. “Start with the first five steps today. Let’s get started today, let’s become a generation of intelligent voters.”
Davidson took the microphone on a number of occasions to address the crowd. One of her topics was, “God and America.”
“God gave us a nation,” she said, “and without Him, we don't have a nation at all.” She said it is important to remember to pray when making decisions during elections.
During the event, 11-year-old Grant Wilson performed a dramatization based on some of Thomas Paine’s quotes.
Wilson won a first place 4-H Award for Educational Presentation for the county and district for his speech and said he was inspired when he read some of Paine's book, “Common Sense.” He said he has always been very patriotic.
During the T.E.A. Party, Virginia Land addressed global warming and spoke out about her conservative view on the issue.
Skits were also part of the event. One skit depicted Robin Hood taking from the rich to give to the poor, and was performed by Claudia Smith, Emily White and Sarah Pendelton. Another skit depicted a classroom situation in which a teacher awards grades to students without being objective about the work of the students, and was performed by Liberty Davidson, Claudia Smith, Emily White and Sarah Pendelton.
A color guard routine was also performed by Lydia White and Claudia Smith.
Other speakers included Parker Luke, Claudia Smith and Emily White.
According to Davidson, the main organizers of the Tea Party were Allison Land, Virginia Land, Claudia Smith and herself.
Parent Steve Wilson, who attended the event said that most of the teenagers and youth attending the T.E.A. Party are home-schooled.
Davidson invited attendees to come to the next T.E.A. Party that will be in 60 days.
I am looking forward to the next T.E.A. Party on April 15! Hopefully, under a friendlier April sun, we'll have a bigger crowd. But we will always remember the first Teen T.E.A. Party, and the faithful fifty that endured the cold!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Global Warming is Causing Your Blizzard

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...!
Blizzards are covering the land with a thick white blanket - from Texas to New York! At my own home in North Texas, we are experiencing our fourth snow this winter. That's a big deal for us. Early this morning I watched as the snowflakes began to fall, and now - at 8:00 pm - it literally hasn't stopped! I believe that was the fastest I've ever seen snow accumulate.
You would think that with several states experiencing blizzard-like conditions, and over 100,000,000 lives being affected by those conditions, people would start to doubt Global Warming. Or so I hoped.
Yesterday when I started the draft for this post, I wrote the following paragraph:

I seriously believe that while God is not mocked, God has a sense of humor. It is completely fathomable to me that He would send a torrent of winter weather across the United States of America just to prove that HE is the one in charge of the weather, not us! Have you ever considered how arrogant it is to believe that we, little human beings, can actually have that big of an impact on the environment? I'm sure most people don't think of it in that light at first. But if we believe that we can actually affect the atmosphere of the entire world, just because of the cars we drive, the electricity we use, the plastic bottles we drink out of...we believe that we can control the entire world. That's a dangerous mindset. Yes, we are stewards of the earth that God has given us as our home. But God is far more powerful than we are, and Global Warming is a myth.

I had hoped to complete the post by laughing over the fact that all the Global Warming-going green people were trying to pull their feet out of their mouths. I thought they would be crawling into a hole, because who can explain a bizarre bombardment of snow in the middle of the warmest decade ever? But apparently, some people think they can! Dylan Ratigan from MSNBC actually attempted to scientifically explain why Global Warming was the cause of our snow blizzards. Want to see the video for yourself? Visit the blog Click on the post, "An Inconvenient Snowstorm," and you'll find the video. (I apologize that my own computer is temporarily unable to copy links.)
So, the liberals are still trying to defend Global Warming. Really? Seriously? Am I dreaming? I don't even think they believe it. I mean, how can they?
When I first heard about this video, I laughed. It sounded so crazy. But when I watched it for myself, I was saddened by the fact that people will venture to the point of stupidity just to prove a false point! There comes a time when it's not even funny anymore.
How many people will get sucked into the lie that Global Warming is actually the cause of all this snow? Please, use common sense! Make your own decisions, and make sure they're backed by reliable facts.
Global Warming is a theory. Scientists from all political preferences admit that it's a faulty theory.
I still firmly believe that God has caused the "snowiest winter in history" ( to prove that He is in charge of our planet! Yesterday I found this quote at the end of an article on
"Hardest hit has been the nation's capital. The federal government has been shut down for three days straight costing $100 million per day in lost productivity as 230,000 workers sit at home."
Ironic, don't you think?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beware the Teenagers

The Teen Tea Party has long been underway, and now all of our anticipation is coming to a climax! In just three days, patriotic teenagers will gather on the steps of the courthouse in Gainesville, Texas to speak above the din that says it's impossible for teenagers to make a difference.
The Tea Parties have been a growing movement. But Teen Tea Parties are something new - at least in North Texas. By having a Tea Party that is organized and carried out explicitly by teens for their own peers, youth will get the message that they can make a difference in America now, and that in fact, they should.
So many of the people I've spoken with are more than excited about their chance to get involved! We have teens that are planning speeches, skits, dance routines, live music...all to express their patriotism and ignite that spark of patriotism in the hearts of others.
Yesterday, a friend of mine even called Mark Davis, the conservative talk show host, to tell him about our Tea Party. He spoke with Davis on the radio for two minutes!
Today, an article about the Teen Tea Party was on the front page of the local daily paper! MSNBC has asked that we send pictures of the Tea Party to them afterwards, so that they can see what it was all about.
I'm not saying all this to promote myself or any of the other individuals that have been involved. In fact, we don't want to promote individualism at all. We are thankful for the attention this Teen Tea Party is getting, because we want America to see that teens as a group are making this difference. It isn't just one or two or three people. It's a movement of teenagers that are ready to stand up for freedom and reclaim America. At least, that's what I'm praying it will be.
Teens are concerned, and we are getting involved. If America seriously wants change, look to the teenagers - and beware. Here we come!

Teen Tea Party
Saturday, February 13
East steps of Cooke County Courthouse, Gainesville, TX
10 am - Noon
Official facebook page: TEA Parties for Teens (North Texas)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hand Vs. Teleprompter

Sarah Palin recently spoke at the Tea Party Convention in Nashville. It appears as if Palin wrote a few key words on her left hand as a reminder of topics to cover during the speech. There was a total of six words on her hand - not even full sentences. Her speech was 45 minutes long.
Let us consider Obama's public speaking strategy. I believe it's called, "Teleprompter." He reads all of his speeches entirely from one of these contraptions. Obama's teleprompter strategy really gets to me. Everyone raves about how wonderful of a speaker he is, but catch him without his teleprompter, and he stumbles, stutters, and can't get a point across or answer a question. This seems to prove that he never speaks genuinely from his heart, and that he can't think on his feet.
However, that isn't really the point. I don't have a problem if President Obama uses notes when he speaks. I use notes when I speak (though I can't say I've ever used a teleprompter). I don't have a problem if Sarah Palin uses notes - even if it's a few words scribbled on her hand. I frequently write notes-to-self on my own arm.
But here comes the Liberal News Media to bamboozle the day. They literally can't stop criticizing Palin for those few words written on her hand. Of course, they don't dare to ever mention the fact that Obama can't speak without his security blanket - the teleprompter.
Even with a teleprompter, Obama can't get things right. Last week the President mispronounced "US Corpsmen" as "corpse-men." (Hear "corpsmen" pronounced correctly here.) It wasn't as if he had a single slip of the tongue - he made the mispronunciation twice in one paragraph, and gave the speech more than once. *Watch it for yourself here.*
But has anyone mentioned Obama's fault? Has anyone considered the fact that Obama is Commander-in-Chief of the US Military, and can't even pronounce "corpsmen"? Not the Liberal Media. But I thought they'd be really concerned about clear enunciation, considering how severely they bashed George W. Bush for his speeches.
When a person becomes frightened, they often panic. When they panic, they lose their poise and start to act irrationally. I believe the Liberals sent their poise packing a long time ago! Even though the Left may frustrate us, we've got to got applaud the Right. You know you're doing the right thing when your opponent reverts to foolish, childish tactics.