Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beware the Teenagers

The Teen Tea Party has long been underway, and now all of our anticipation is coming to a climax! In just three days, patriotic teenagers will gather on the steps of the courthouse in Gainesville, Texas to speak above the din that says it's impossible for teenagers to make a difference.
The Tea Parties have been a growing movement. But Teen Tea Parties are something new - at least in North Texas. By having a Tea Party that is organized and carried out explicitly by teens for their own peers, youth will get the message that they can make a difference in America now, and that in fact, they should.
So many of the people I've spoken with are more than excited about their chance to get involved! We have teens that are planning speeches, skits, dance routines, live music...all to express their patriotism and ignite that spark of patriotism in the hearts of others.
Yesterday, a friend of mine even called Mark Davis, the conservative talk show host, to tell him about our Tea Party. He spoke with Davis on the radio for two minutes!
Today, an article about the Teen Tea Party was on the front page of the local daily paper! MSNBC has asked that we send pictures of the Tea Party to them afterwards, so that they can see what it was all about.
I'm not saying all this to promote myself or any of the other individuals that have been involved. In fact, we don't want to promote individualism at all. We are thankful for the attention this Teen Tea Party is getting, because we want America to see that teens as a group are making this difference. It isn't just one or two or three people. It's a movement of teenagers that are ready to stand up for freedom and reclaim America. At least, that's what I'm praying it will be.
Teens are concerned, and we are getting involved. If America seriously wants change, look to the teenagers - and beware. Here we come!

Teen Tea Party
Saturday, February 13
East steps of Cooke County Courthouse, Gainesville, TX
10 am - Noon
Official facebook page: TEA Parties for Teens (North Texas)


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