Thursday, February 11, 2010

Global Warming is Causing Your Blizzard

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...!
Blizzards are covering the land with a thick white blanket - from Texas to New York! At my own home in North Texas, we are experiencing our fourth snow this winter. That's a big deal for us. Early this morning I watched as the snowflakes began to fall, and now - at 8:00 pm - it literally hasn't stopped! I believe that was the fastest I've ever seen snow accumulate.
You would think that with several states experiencing blizzard-like conditions, and over 100,000,000 lives being affected by those conditions, people would start to doubt Global Warming. Or so I hoped.
Yesterday when I started the draft for this post, I wrote the following paragraph:

I seriously believe that while God is not mocked, God has a sense of humor. It is completely fathomable to me that He would send a torrent of winter weather across the United States of America just to prove that HE is the one in charge of the weather, not us! Have you ever considered how arrogant it is to believe that we, little human beings, can actually have that big of an impact on the environment? I'm sure most people don't think of it in that light at first. But if we believe that we can actually affect the atmosphere of the entire world, just because of the cars we drive, the electricity we use, the plastic bottles we drink out of...we believe that we can control the entire world. That's a dangerous mindset. Yes, we are stewards of the earth that God has given us as our home. But God is far more powerful than we are, and Global Warming is a myth.

I had hoped to complete the post by laughing over the fact that all the Global Warming-going green people were trying to pull their feet out of their mouths. I thought they would be crawling into a hole, because who can explain a bizarre bombardment of snow in the middle of the warmest decade ever? But apparently, some people think they can! Dylan Ratigan from MSNBC actually attempted to scientifically explain why Global Warming was the cause of our snow blizzards. Want to see the video for yourself? Visit the blog Click on the post, "An Inconvenient Snowstorm," and you'll find the video. (I apologize that my own computer is temporarily unable to copy links.)
So, the liberals are still trying to defend Global Warming. Really? Seriously? Am I dreaming? I don't even think they believe it. I mean, how can they?
When I first heard about this video, I laughed. It sounded so crazy. But when I watched it for myself, I was saddened by the fact that people will venture to the point of stupidity just to prove a false point! There comes a time when it's not even funny anymore.
How many people will get sucked into the lie that Global Warming is actually the cause of all this snow? Please, use common sense! Make your own decisions, and make sure they're backed by reliable facts.
Global Warming is a theory. Scientists from all political preferences admit that it's a faulty theory.
I still firmly believe that God has caused the "snowiest winter in history" ( to prove that He is in charge of our planet! Yesterday I found this quote at the end of an article on
"Hardest hit has been the nation's capital. The federal government has been shut down for three days straight costing $100 million per day in lost productivity as 230,000 workers sit at home."
Ironic, don't you think?


Nicki said...

The more days off the government has, the better off we probably will be as a nation.

Stephen said...

What if Global Warming is real and is caused by humans? Who instead of being stewards of the planet God made for them to use are destroying the planet by altering weather-climate patterns through their activities? That's certainly plausible right?

Just because it snowed here in C-ville during winter time I don't think discredits Global Warming. I can recall past winters that were very mild here. Global Warming isn't the premise that things are going to just heat up with a relentless march to higher temps everywhere on earth at the same time equally. Some places have seen/will see temp increases more than others. It hasn't gotten so bad that seasons like winter have completely disappeared.

a u b r e y said...

I'm not sure how un-sophisticated this is going to sound, and I'll try to keep it short.

First off, I don't personally 'believe' in global warming. I think it is another scientist/media scam to get people freaked out because they have nothing better to do.

Secondly though, I do think that we definately could be taking care of our world. I think that many of the things we have are taken for granted, and we should take better care of what the Lord has blessed us with.

That was my two cents. Thank you. C;


Stephen said...

Corporations want the green light to emit as much CO2 as possible so as to not interfere with their profit making. Their mindset: the heck with the environment, as long as they have the unrestricted freedom to make a buck.

Politicians from both parties only represent big business. That's why both parties take bribe money from energy company lobbyists. The companies refer to global warming as "junk science" and not real because they don't want emissions restrictions and fines for polluting placed on them. That would affect their ability to make the most money possible. Hence the PR campaign to declare global warming a myth. The political servants of the energy companies lower taxes and fines for them, institute deregulation and approve rate hikes. All in the interests of the energy companies.