Monday, February 8, 2010

Hand Vs. Teleprompter

Sarah Palin recently spoke at the Tea Party Convention in Nashville. It appears as if Palin wrote a few key words on her left hand as a reminder of topics to cover during the speech. There was a total of six words on her hand - not even full sentences. Her speech was 45 minutes long.
Let us consider Obama's public speaking strategy. I believe it's called, "Teleprompter." He reads all of his speeches entirely from one of these contraptions. Obama's teleprompter strategy really gets to me. Everyone raves about how wonderful of a speaker he is, but catch him without his teleprompter, and he stumbles, stutters, and can't get a point across or answer a question. This seems to prove that he never speaks genuinely from his heart, and that he can't think on his feet.
However, that isn't really the point. I don't have a problem if President Obama uses notes when he speaks. I use notes when I speak (though I can't say I've ever used a teleprompter). I don't have a problem if Sarah Palin uses notes - even if it's a few words scribbled on her hand. I frequently write notes-to-self on my own arm.
But here comes the Liberal News Media to bamboozle the day. They literally can't stop criticizing Palin for those few words written on her hand. Of course, they don't dare to ever mention the fact that Obama can't speak without his security blanket - the teleprompter.
Even with a teleprompter, Obama can't get things right. Last week the President mispronounced "US Corpsmen" as "corpse-men." (Hear "corpsmen" pronounced correctly here.) It wasn't as if he had a single slip of the tongue - he made the mispronunciation twice in one paragraph, and gave the speech more than once. *Watch it for yourself here.*
But has anyone mentioned Obama's fault? Has anyone considered the fact that Obama is Commander-in-Chief of the US Military, and can't even pronounce "corpsmen"? Not the Liberal Media. But I thought they'd be really concerned about clear enunciation, considering how severely they bashed George W. Bush for his speeches.
When a person becomes frightened, they often panic. When they panic, they lose their poise and start to act irrationally. I believe the Liberals sent their poise packing a long time ago! Even though the Left may frustrate us, we've got to got applaud the Right. You know you're doing the right thing when your opponent reverts to foolish, childish tactics.


a u b r e y said...

mmm!! good stuff liberty!!!

yandr_1995 said...

Wow, I can't believe they would say that about Sarah Palin, but not say anything about Obama and his dear little "teleprompter."

Stephen Rutherford said...

All politicians use teleprompters. Democrats and Republicans both. Obama isn't an exception.