Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Kenyan President

Maybe this is just an unrealistic fantasy I have, but I like to imagine that when asked who the most patriotic person in the United States of America is, I would be able to respond, "The President, of course!"
Doesn't it make sense that the President ought to love the country he leads more than anyone else? Even if he's not the most patriotic man in the whole country, it would be nice if he at least acknowledged the USA as his homeland.
On Friday, April 2, Michelle Obama spoke at a LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) Luncheon. I have not watched the entire speech, but from what I have seen, she spoke on the progress of attaining "equality" for everyone, despite their sexual orientation or gender identity. The event itself is bad enough, but the First Lady also mentioned something else, that has probably caused even more controversy.
"Barack has led by example. When we took our trip to Africa and visited his home country in Kenya, we took a public HIV test, for the very point of showing folks in Kenya that there is nothing to be embarrassed about in getting tested."
Watch the video on Youtube here. The quote above can be found 40 seconds into the clip.
How does that make you feel, to know that the President of YOUR country considers Kenya to be HIS home country? I believe that the President of the United States should be born in the US, and raised in the US. I know there are immigrants who come to America who are very patriotic, but it's not the same as someone who was born and bred here.
Now, I know it's true that Obama did not say this himself. But I do not believe his own wife would have said that Kenya is his "home country," if those feelings did not run strongly through the Obama family. This just leads me to wonder how strong Barack Obama's patriotism can actually be, if he considers Kenya to be his home.
There are other instances that point to an apparent lack of patriotism in Barack Obama. In fact, everything he's doing as President goes against everything this country stands for!
"Discrimination has no place in a nation founded on the promise of equality," Michelle Obama said in her speech. But what she didn't mention is that America was founded on Christian morals.
I want equality in America as much as anyone. But what I don't want is the endorsement of sin. I don't want the government to support vile activities, such as same-sex marriage, abortion, and drug dealing. God tells us those things are wrong! Surely He won't continue to lavish blessings upon a nation that legalizes and endorses those things!
Since America was founded on Christian morals, the things I mentioned above are un-American.
"Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." - John Adams.
Clearly, President Obama does not understand what America truly is. This is proven even further by the recent words of his wife.
I would like your opinion. Are you comfortable with Michelle Obama admitting that Kenya is the President's home country?


Stephen said...

What makes me uncomfortable are all the conspiranoia "birthers" who are convinced Obama was born in Kenya and therefore not a native born US citizen and therefore disqualified to be president. Tack onto that the belief that he is secretly a Muslim who is part of an Al Queda sleeper cell who has infiltrated the White House. And with the help of Elvis alien clones will take over the US and force people to convert to Islam and perform "Jailhouse Rock".

Instead of reading far into these statements and going down the birther road consider Obama's actions while in office. Has his actions really been against what the US stands for? Continuing to give trillions to the banks and rich to bail them out? The recent health care bill which is a giveaway of hundreds of billions to the insurance industry? Everything hes done in office has been to help the rich and uphold capitalism.

Obviously you don't like gay rights and abortion. And you don't have to. But those who are against these things don't have the right to use the government to enact laws to force people to adhere to those beliefs. People should have the freedom to believe and live as they want.

As for vile activities of the government, starting all these wars which have resulted in the deaths of millions in order for oil companies and military contractors to make money, wars Obama is continuing because hes in the pocket of and serves these same rich interests, thats as vile and immoral an act and crime against humanity if there ever was one.

~Abby~ said...

Very good points Liberty, you always make me see the other side of things.

Nicki said...

To answer your question, I am not comfortable with Michelle Obama's admission, but neither am I surprised.

In answer to Stephen's comments, I cannot see how anything Obama has done protects Capitalism. Capitalism allows freedom, for people, for business, and even for the economy. When the government tells people and business how they may spend their money or how they must produce their products, we no longer have freedom.

Car manufacturers now must meet stricter gas mileage standards. So much for competition! GE must now produce flourescent light bulbs, instead of the incandescent. No choice for the manufacturer or the people.

The free market system determines success of businesses. But the ever-growing government hinders competition.

There is nothing free about anything Obama does. I don't want this to happen, but in a very short time you will look back and see that it's true. I dread that day.

Stephen said...

Nicki - lets examine what Obama has done since being in office. Things that prove he is a capitalist and protects capitalist business interests.

As I mentioned earlier, the recent health care "reform" bill. Depsite all the pronouncments of doom and a government takeover of health care, this bill was written by the private insurance industry. It is to their benefit. Government isn't taking over anything with it. The private sector is gaining more control than ever with it. This all done with Obama's complicity.

Obama receives money from lobbyist groups. The great bulk of his financial support comse from Wall Street and the US corporate elite. The finance, insurance and real-estate industries gave $69 million to Obama for his presidential campaign.

The GM and Chrysler bailout: as a condition of the bailout Obama forced the union to sacrifice its right to strike for 6 years.

Obama jacked up overall military spending from $513 billion in 2009 to $534 billion in 2010 to fund the wars. Which he supports. He supports the continuing use of private military contractors.

Obama supports charter schools (privately run schools).

In mid June of last year, Obama lifted a 5 month old limit on executive compensation at financial firms that took federal bailout money. Before the limit was "only" $500,000 per year.

These are just a few examples.

Capitalism does indeed allow freedom for business. In fact under capitalism its to businesses alone that freedom is guaranteed. The capitalists alone have economic and political power. Capitalists control the government. Its their tool to make society run for their benefit. Thats why and how the insurance companies forced through the health care bill that guarantees them millions more new customers and hundreds of billions more in profits every year. Its not about choice for us, the workers the consumers. We have to pay no matter what. It doesn't matter how big or small the government is. What matters is who controls it. The rich big businesses still control things. They are still the ones who call the shots. They pull the strings and the politicians, including Obama, dance.

As for all the hype about making car manufacturers make cars with better gas mileage and the better efficient light bulbs, its all talk. Its been said before under previous presidents and nothing has come of it. And nothing will of this. Its just PR for public consumption.

Literary Maidens Publishing said...

Thank you, Liberty, for your post.
We are a Christian nation and if we desire God's blessing on it we must adhere to His principles.

Mrs. Davidson told me about your blog. I too love U.S. and Texas history! You're such a great writer. Keep it up!

Melody G.