Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Day Tea Party 2010

It's April 15 - Tax Day - TEA Party day!
Exactly one year ago began the movement that has swept America like wild fire. Besides the geographical spread of this wild fire, this wild fire is sweeping the hearts of America, igniting our spirits with patriotism and resolve.
It's the same spark that lit the hearts of the colonials when their king became a tyrant. They resolved to stand up for the country God had given their ancestors; to fight for liberty, even if it meant death.
It's the same spark that lit the hearts of the Americans in WWII, when the rulers of other nations threatened to subject the world to tyranny. They resolved to risk their own lives to help defend their allies and defend their own soil.
It's the same spark that I remember, when on September 11, 2001, terrorists killed thousands of innocent Americans in the name of their religion. Then, we weren't afraid to call the murderers what they were - Terrorists. We weren't afraid to fight terrorism. On that day, we resolved to stand up for our nation and defend it from terrorism - just another form of tyranny.
But just a few years later, it seemed as if the spark disappeared. During the Presidential Campaign of 2008, I often wondered where the patriotism in America had gone to. Where was the ignition? How can people forget their history so quickly...even the history that is a part of their own lives?
But suddenly there was a wake-up call. Things started happening to our country that we never really wanted, and we were able to recognize other things that had been happening for a long time.
Consider the Stimulus Package. The majority of Americans did not want a bill that would increase our national debt by trillions! It was supposed to stimulate the economy. But anyone in their right mind knows that you don't get out of debt by spending trillions of dollars you don't have.
Then the President proclaimed to the world that we no longer consider ourselves a Christian nation. Maybe you don't consider the U.S.A. a Christian nation anymore, Mr. President, but if you'll take a look at the people you were elected to represent, you'll see that most of us DO consider the U.S.A. to be a Christian nation still! That's how we were founded, and that's how we'll stay.
And what about the "I Pledge" video? Famous Hollywood stars actually made a video and pledged their service to Barack Obama! When have we ever pledged our service to one man in America? That is exactly what the founding fathers wanted to break free of, and they carefully sought ways to prevent one man from ruling the whole nation ever again. As for me, the only One I'll ever pledge my service to is my Savior, Jesus Christ. Then, I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
As much as we'd like to, we can't forget about the recently passed Health Care Bill - that we did not want. The President and the liberals in Congress have been trying to ram this through unconstitutionally for months. Americans protested this. Many even went to the White House to protest it. Remember the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts? The most liberal state in the Union elected a Republican senator, because he opposed government run health care!
Never in America have we tolerated tyranny from without our borders. And we definitely won't tolerate it from within. That is why, on April 15, 2009, the TEA Party movement began. TEA stands for Taxed Enough Already. But there are other issues - more important issues than high taxation, that are being protested and addressed at TEA Parties.
If anyone says that the TEA Parties are not making a difference, they are wrong. Many lies and rumors have been spread about "TEA Partiers," to try to convince people that those who participate in TEA Parties are dangerous, violent, extremists, and even terrorists. If they think that will stop peaceful, honest, loyal, patriotic Americans from exercising their rights, they are seriously mistaken. The TEA Party movement continues to grow!
This is truly an historic movement. We are making a difference. The very fact that the liberals are so concerned with making up lies about the TEA Parties proves that they are afraid of what will come of them!
Don't tolerate tyranny. Stand up for the nation God has gifted us with!
To find a TEA Party near you, visit The Tea Party Express (

Stand fast therefore in the freedom by which Christ has made you free, and do not submit again to a yoke of bondage. Galatians 5:1

"Men, in a word, must necessarily be controlled either by a power within them or by a power without them; either by the Word of God or by the strong arm of man; either by the Bible or the bayonet." - Robert Winthrop, Founding Father


Stephen said...

The country God had given the ancestors of the colonists? I don't recall ever reading or hearing God himself say that he specifically gave North America to the colonists. If the land belonged to anybody at all it belonged to the Native Americans who were the indigenous inhabitants of the continent. The same Native Americans who were slaughtered and murdered for their land. Not a very Christian thing to do to other human beings.

The colonists during the American Revolution revolted against Britain because they had taxation without representation. During WW2 imperial Japan destroyed the American fleet at Pearl Harbor. In the Sept 11 attacks almost all the attackers were Saudi, a country the US supports and gives money and military aid to. The TEA Parties are in no way similar to any of these. These situations are in no way comparable. The TEA partiers are a movement that is financed mainly by Republican front groups and individuals. Like Newt Gingrich's Freedom Works and Dick Armey. All with the purpose of co-opting popular discontent against the government and redirecting it and using it as a battering-ram against the Democrats in November. All to get Republicans re-elected. Back to the other side of the coin. Back the other way on the see-saw. Putting the other party of rich corrupt politicians back in power. No better. No improvement.

Where indeed was the patriotism, the outcry prior to Obama's election? Why weren't any of these Tea Partiers taking to the streets, demonstrating and forming militias, threatening to secede from the Union or calling Bush and Cheney Marxists? When Bush/Cheney and the rest of the Republicans, along with the collusion of the Democrats, approved the biggest expansion of government in decades, the Department of Homeland Security, where were these people? When the Patriot Act was approved, a flagrant infringement on peoples civil liberties, where were the tea partiers? Where were they? They were nowhere to be seen. They did nothing. Only now when a Democrat, a black man, gets elected president do they protest. And despite everything hes done since entering office, signing legislation to bail out the rich with trillions more taxpayer dollars and giving the insurance companies ever increasing control and power over peoples lives and money, taking millions of dollars from lobbyists, continuing wars of imperialism for oil and empire, with all this it would seem to be plain as day to anyone whose side he is really on: the rich. But these people keep insisting, despite all the facts, that Obama is an evil Marxist anti-Christ bent on destroying capitalism.

Yes do indeed consider the stimulus package: it gives more tax breaks to rich companies to hire workers (more tax breaks than they already get). Obama's appointees to his economic administration who crafted the stimulus bill? Larry Summers, Robert Rubin, Tim Geithner? All free-market advocates known for championing the very policies of neoliberal economics of deregulation and privatization that destroyed the economy. Obama and friends won't even hear of a new New Deal, any government job and works programs like the Works Progress Administration and the Civillian Conservatin Corps that FDR's administration came up with to pull America out of the Great Depression. No instead Obama and friends support a so called "public-private" approach - using public funds (tax dollars) to finance work carried out by private companies. Its just contining Reaganomics: cut or eliminate taxes for the rich and corporations and provide taxpayer subsidies to them. Then let them reap all the profit. And give workers the least.

Is the US really a Christian nation? We sure don't act like it. Full of so much hatred and advocating violence and death towards not only other countries but people here in the US, its exactly the opposite of the love and forgiveness that Christ taught. One has to ask themselves the question: whom do you serve? Christ? Or a nationalist patriotism, whether it be an Obama supporter or a Tea Partier?

Stephen said...

Both parties pay lip-service to Christian morality. Then turn right around and do the exact opposite. Lie, cheat, steal and murder. The ruling class often uses religious rhetoric to appeal to people's religous convictions to convince them to support the aims and agenda of the ruling class. Most often this is used to drum up public support for wars.

Regarding the health care "reform" bill: did you hear that this idea of the individual mandate, of forcing people to buy insurance from private companies, was orginally come up by the Republicans back in the early 90's? This proves both parties are in the pockets of the private insurance industry. Republicans knew it would pass even if they opposed it because there were enough Democratic votes to pass it. This whole resistance of theirs was just political grandstanding. Just watch. If a Republican Congress or President gets elected next time, they aren't going to overturn this bill.

I think there are a lot of Tea Partyers who are crazy and racist and extremist. I also think there are many who aren't. People who are genuinely angry with what the ruling class has been doing at the peoples expense. And its good that they are angry and concerned. But many of them are getting off on the wrong foot, thinking that Obama is not a supporter of this corrupt system and that by re-electing Republicans it will change things. Because it won't. Both of these parties are bad and are crooks. They are tyrannical and both represent a rich ruling class that rules over, oppresses and exploits us. They are not on the side of the people. The whole calling Obama a Kenyan who wasn't born in America thing is just another they've concocted to detour people's outrage from where it should be going. They are using one man as a scapegoat, to take the blame for the entire system.

This is indeed a historic moment. One in which a world-shattering change can occur. If people will only see things as the way they really are and realize that together they have power. That this system is built on their backs with their work, sweat and blood. That the rich who run this country and government are hypocritical parasites who live off of us and do no work while they get the rest of us to do all the work. And get us to do all the fighting and dying in their wars they start so they can make more money. If only people realized this enough to unite together and get rid of this system.

Change, real change, isn't about electing Barack Obama, or a Democrat or a Republican. Its not about electing politicians. Its about getting rid of them all and this system that makes their power and tyranny all possible.

Do not submit to the yoke of bondage of either of these 2 parties. Don't let them convince you when they twist and use religion, the Bible, the word of God, to strong arm your conscience into supporting them. Esp when they want you to pick up a rifle and bayonet and kill and die for them.

Hudson said...

Stephen, don't forget that the Native Americans were in many cases violent to us. In fact, the Western tribes often massacred settlers without cause. Also the Bible is full of war and violence. Sometimes We should "pick up a rifle and kill and die'', but not for Obama.

Stephen said...

Hudson - don't forget that the Native Americans were fighting back because they were being attacked and their land was being taken away from them. Is it any wonder they responded to violence with violence? They tried making peace treaties with the white settlers. The Native Americans kept their end of the deal and expected whites to do the same. They were mistaken.

Its alright to pick up a rifle and kill for the US government just as long as its under any president other than Obama? The man supports continuing the wars for oil and expanding and upholding the US empire, same as all past presidents.

Hudson said...

Stephen, the Native Americans attacked the Vikings that landed in America only a little while after they set foot on shore. Surely it was the Indians with the hostile attitude. God let the colonists discover America for a reason. The Indians were heathens, and worshiped animals' spirits! Obviously, God wanted America in the hands of Godly people. Here's a suggestion, read Peter Marshall's "The Light and the Glory". As for Obama, I'm not saying its ok to fight for anyone but Obama, Im saying Christians are allowed to fight as long as its for a good cause. America isn't an ''empire''. We are a free democracy. Are you a democrat?

Stephen said...

Did the Native Americans attack the humble peace loving vikings without provocation? Also I'm sure word had got around to all the other Native American tribes that good ol Columbus and friends who professed Christianity kidnapped Native Americans and forced them into slavery, taking them back to Spain.

Was it the Native Americans who were the heathens? They didn't try to own land or kill each other over gold. Both of which seem to be what a lot of the early 'Godly' colonists worshipped instead of Christ.

This also ties into America being an empire. Many reasons have been given over the centuries as justification for invading and conquering other countries. Among those conquering a country, is "civilizing" other nations. If one is a "civilizer", one can commit the acts of a savage while remaining the most civilized. The so-called "White Man's Burden". For "humanitarian" reasons. Occupation disguised as disaster relief. All official excuses and lies intended for public consumption. To convince people to support wars. As I mentioned earlier, often times using religion to justify war and death.

I'll counter your book suggestion. Read "War is a Racket" by Smedley Butler. Another good one about US government intervention in Central and South America is "Killing Hope" by William Blum.

Yes the USA is an empire. The US accounts for half the world's military spending and has hundreds of military bases around the world in other countries.

A few examples of current client/satellite countries the US supports with military and economic aid, often with puppet governments installed that are friendly to the US:


A few examples from the past. US supported the terror based regimes of General Pinochet in Chile and Saddam Hussein in Iraq, Suharto in Indonesia, and Batista in Cuba.

A free democracy doesn't invade other countries, station thousands of troops there, and install puppet governments. The US isn't remotely free internally or externally.

No I'm not a Democrat. Yourself?

Stephen said...

More examples of US empire:

Hawaii had an independent monarchy which was overthrown by the invading US army. It remained a colony of the US for many decades before becoming a state. The US maintains colonies in Guam, the Virgin Islands, and Samoa, whose populations have no vote, no say, and no sovereignty. Just like Puerto Rico.

When the US went to war with Spain in 1898, it claimed that it was motivated by a desire to free Spanish colonies - Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines, from Spanish tyranny. As payment for this benevolent service, the US made colonies out of them all.

Regarding the Philippines: to crush the independence movement there the US sent in 70,000 troops. In the end, upwards of a million Filipinos were dead.

Hudson said...

I can't say I disagree about the U.S info you presented. However, the Vikings did not provoke an attack. The Indians were hostile. How could the ''word have gotten around'' about Columbus's '' friends '' when the Vikings came before him?

Stephen said...

So you believe that Native Americans were completely hostile and attacked colonists/settlers unprovoked at all times? You won't perhaps consider that some Native American tribes were attacked without provocation by white settlers and were defending themselves?

Hudson said...

The Vikings called them skralings (war-whoopers) for a reason. We both just need to agree that we disagree.Your not going to change my mind. The Indians were pagans. There's nothing else to say about it. America started out as a Godly nation.

Stephen said...

Always be wary whenever someone says they are "Godly" and doing "God's will". So many times throughout history this has been in order to justify/cover bad things they've done.

I think there is a lot else to say about it but, as you mentioned, I'm not going to change your mind.