Monday, May 3, 2010

Aliens in America

Immigrant: a person who migrates to another country, usually for permanent residence.

Alien: Any person who is not a citizen of the country in which he or she lives.

The USA has more freedom, more riches, more opportunities than any other place on earth. No wonder so many people from around the world want to migrate to America to start a new life. And guess what? We encourage that!
If it wasn't for immigration, none of us would be living here today. Perhaps America has the most diverse ancestry of any one nation, because people have come from all over the world to make us the nation we are. I have Scottish, Jewish, English, Cherokee, and probably more mixed into my family tree! The Scots, the Jews, the Brits, and even the Cherokees migrated here at one time or another. My family history is a story of migration.
But as a nation forms, laws are set in place for the citizens to abide by. Unfortunately, Adam and Eve sinned. Therefore, we're not perfect, and so we need laws that tell us how to conduct ourselves. We need the enforcement of those laws to maintain order and harmony.
It makes sense that when one from another country wishes to become an American citizen, they should have to learn about our laws. In fact, there are a set of laws for immigrants. They include learning our language, learning our history, learning our traffic laws, etc. 
These laws are very reasonable. They are for the good of the country, and for the good of the immigrant.
But, there are those who try to sneak into America illegally. They're called aliens. In the past, the federal government would remove the illegal aliens from the country. We made it clear; you're welcome to come to America, as long as you follow our rules. It's completely fair.
But over the last several years, illegal immigration has become more and more of a problem, because it's being addressed less and less often. For a long time politicians have brushed it aside as being less important than other issues at hand.
But illegal immigration is a very crucial issue. The border states have known this for a long time.
When we stop dealing with the illegal aliens and start tolerating them, a multitude of problems arise, disrupting the harmony and the order that the laws were created to avoid. Many illegal aliens are taking advantage of our schools, our welfare, our health care, and more, but they're not even paying any taxes!
Many have received illegal drivers licences. Because they don't know our traffic laws and most of them don't know English, they are very prone to getting involved in a collision. But they don't have insurance, so the other party is responsible to pay.
Living in Texas - a border state - I know that illegal immigration is a growing problem. I have seen the difference that has taken place in our state in just ten years because of illegal aliens. More and more signs (traffic signs, store signs, etc.) and even legal forms are being duplicated in Spanish. In many schools, a teacher cannot be hired unless he or she can speak Spanish - even if they are not as highly qualified as someone else - because there are so many children who don't know English. And who pays for all those things? Us; citizens; tax-payers.
Now, let me be clear on this. I definitely do not have a problem with being bi-lingual. In fact, I wish more Americans were. I am studying Spanish now, and hope to be fluent someday. There are some schools that teach a second language to their students for the very purpose of raising bi-lingual children. I do not mind that. What I have a problem with is that immigrants are not learning English when they come, nor are they teaching their children. So public schools have to make up for it by teaching them in their own language.
Many border states have had more dangerous problems than these. There have even been documented murders along the border, committed by illegal aliens. Not every alien is dangerous. But American citizens who live along the border should feel secure from illegal aliens.
Individual states are beginning to tighten up security on their borders, since the federal government isn't doing anything about it. Arizona was the first.
Arizona recently passed a law that allows state officials to question anyone who is suspicious and request to see their proof of citizenship. I don't see anything wrong with this law. Arizona is taking the necessary measures to protect their own citizens.
This law has caused quite an uproar. People are protesting the law, saying that it is racist and unfair. It's neither of those things.
President Obama has had a lot to say against Arizona's decision.
"...Now suddenly if you don't have your papers and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you can be harassed, that's something that could potentially happen," he says.
This is an unrealistic possibility. The state officials aren't going to be harassing people - especially someone taking their "kid out to get ice cream."
Something else the President wants to do is to grant amnesty to all aliens already here. That is unfair! What about all the immigrants who worked hard to become citizens the right way? What kind of message will that send to other nations about America's standards? Though the federal government has denied it, terrorists have taken advantage of our lack of security and law enforcement along the borders. What stops them from continuing to do so?
It seems like President Obama is more concerned about the rights of these aliens than the rights of his own countrymen. Why? Perhaps it has something to do with the upcoming elections. If an illegal alien is rewarded for committing a crime, who do you think he'll vote for in the next election? The one who rewarded him.
Illegal immigration is a preventable problem, and it must be stopped. It will effect all of us in the end. Aliens are filtering into our society more and more, with out becoming a part of our society. If they are hired illegally, their money isn't circulating in our economy. Most of them send their money back to their home country. Even if they don't, they're not paying taxes. We are paying for their school, their welfare, their health care, and more. We're paying them to take advantage of our country! All of this will lead to the decline of our society. And no one will profit from that - citizen or alien.
I must make this point once again. This has nothing to do with racism. My brother-in-law is black. My nieces and nephews are bi-racial. I have Hispanic friends, African friends, even Japanese friends. I don't care where a person is from or what nationality they are. And if they want to come to America through the legal procedure, I think that's wonderful. But I do not want a bunch of foreigners living in my country that don't really respect my country, or our laws. And anyone who takes advantage of a nation can't truly respect that nation.
This is my bottom line. We should encourage people from other countries to come to America and take part in the freedom we are blessed with. But immigrants should enter America through the procedure they always have - the legal procedure.


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Undocumented immigrants do pay taxes. Many of them obtain fraudulent social security numbers in order to get jobs. So they pay in income tax. However they are not able file income taxes and get a tax return back because they aren't here legally. So they pay in income tax and the government gets the money. They also pay sales tax whenever they buy things.

The politicians in Arizona just passed the bill to score political points. Which has backfired on them. BIG. The new law
sparked massive May Day Immigration Rights marches/demonstrations all over the country. Bigger than even any of the Tea Parties to date.

Obama does not want to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants. He spoke out agains the law to score political points with latino voters. Just as the Arizona Republicans were trying to score political points with conservatives. Its all a game of
politcs to score votes. Both parties do this.

Obama's administration through the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Dept (ICE) has declared its intention to increase deportations of undocumented workers to 400,000 a year. Deportations in 2009 reached 387,000: a record number, including throughout the GW Bush years.

The Arizona law is an open invitation to racial profiling. It gives law enforcement the power to stop anyone "suspected of being illegal". Who else would be suspected of being illegal in Arizona but anyone who looks Mexican? The law also fails to specify what "reasonable suspicion" of being illegal is.