Sunday, June 6, 2010

For My Brothers and Sisters

Last summer I participated on an amazing trip to Guatemala. (To read about it, visit all posts labeled Guatemala 09.)
Susie Magazine is returning to the exact same place this summer for another Never the Same experience! I prayed and prayed about going back. But right now, it's just not what God has planned for me. He made His answer clear that I wasn't supposed to go back this time, and I am at peace with that decision.
However, I do have loads and loads of friends from last year that are returning! And they leave for Miami in 22 short days! (Long days, to them, no doubt!)
These friends that are returning have a tremendously special place in my heart. In fact, they're more like brothers and sisters to me. True, they are spread all over the U.S.A. True, we only spent two weeks together. But truer still, we are bonded in Christ for eternity. Even though we were only together for a short amount of time, and despite the fact that I don't keep up with all of them as well as I'd like, the kinship I feel with them is different than even my friendships here at home.
When we came together and met, we didn't meet as individual teens, busy with our own life, coincidentally sharing the same faith. We united with the same purpose, under the same banner. We met as brothers and sisters in Christ.
On behalf of my brothers and sisters who are returning to Guatemala, I ask you to pray for this mission trip. Pray for them as you would pray for me, were I embarking on a like adventure.
The nation of Guatemala desperately needs all of our prayers at this time. About one week ago, a volcano erupted in the heart of Guatemala. Guatemala City and many of the places that Susie Mag is scheduled to go and minister were greatly affected. Severe tropical storms assaulted Guatemala for days, resulting in flooding, mudslides, injuries, death, and even a huge sink hole. Many of my friends have sponsored children in these areas.
I don't know how many times I have said, "I know God will do big things on this mission trip." Well, I didn't understand exactly how big. I still don't. But with all these natural disasters taking place in the same location that this mission trip is going to take place, one can only begin to imagine in what ways God will use the hundreds of teens who have volunteered two weeks of their summer to His service!
Last summer God did some BIG things. There were over 3,000 salvations, many miraculous healings, and even an opportunity to pray with the First Lady of Guatemala herself! Could God be planning something even BIGGER than all of that for this summer?
Even though I'm not going to Guatemala this year, I am very excited to see what God will do. I have been praying for my brothers and sisters as they prepare for a life changing experience. I will continue to pray for them during the trip, June 28-July 11. Would you please pray for them as well?
All my love to those returning to Guatemala! You will NEVER BE THE SAME!

To keep up with the mission trip, visit my friend Aubrey's blog, Never the Same 2010.


Steve Finnell said...

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a u b r e y said...

Aww! Liberty!!! I'm gonna start tearin up here reading this. I love stinkin much!!!

Yeah, 22 days (well, this year I get to cheat 2 days cause my mom's a leader, so it's 20 for me)'s taking forever! But when I look back, this past year has FLOWN!

Thank you for your prayers for the nation of Guatemala, and our teams. God most definately is going to do some big things, and quite possibly they could be bigger than last year.

I am excited to be allowed by God to do His service. I am sad you won't be alongside me this year, but I am proud of you for being obedient to Him.

I love my Team 10 Brothers and Sisters! Miss you Liberty.


~Abby~ said...

i will definitely pray for them. :)