Thursday, September 2, 2010

Give me Liberty: Defend the Constitution

This was published in the Gainesville Daily Register on Sunday, August 8, 2010.

After declaring independence from Great Britain, our forefathers set down the Articles of Confederation as a foundation for free government. But eleven years later, it wasn’t working. Young America was on the verge of collapsing, the thirteen states anything but united.
“Something must be done,” said George Washington, “or the fabric must fall, for it is certainly tottering.”
A convention was called in May of 1787 to solve the problem. Through the long, sweltering summer, delegates from each state struggled with each other and themselves to discover a way to rescue the drowning republic. Finally, perhaps due to divine inspiration, our founding fathers produced an ingenious document – our Constitution.
Our Constitution is the oldest operating document of its kind in the world. It has been called the greatest political document in history. But it’s much more than a historical document. It is a definition of our freedom and a guard against anything that would threaten our way of life.
The Constitution defines our freedoms in this way.
We are not ruled by any aristocracy or royalty. We elect our own leaders. We can speak our opinions publicly. We can gather in public to protest. We have the choice of who we will worship, and if we will worship. We have the opportunity to work hard and make a difference in our own lives and in the lives of others. We will not be hindered by social ranks, racial inferiority, or tyranny. We are guaranteed life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
However, we are not guaranteed wealth, prosperity, or happiness itself. We recognize the equality of each person in the sight of God, but not every person is guaranteed equal status.
Some people will have to overcome poverty. Some will have to fight even harder to succeed and reach their dreams. No life is perfect. But every life is free.
It is crucial that we understand the freedom our Constitution lays out for us, so we can recognize actions that might threaten our way of life. Defending our Constitution is a serious deal. The President and Congress are required to take an oath to defend it. We the people have the power to choose our own leaders and live our lives the way we please. Having that power, we should be aware of the foundations laid in our Constitution, so that we can defend it as well.
In defending the Constitution, we must realize that it is not a “living, breathing document,” contrary to what some may say. Perhaps that sounds pleasant, but something that is alive can be changed. To change our Constitution is to expose our freedoms to the threat of tyranny. Remember, the Constitution is the oldest operating document of its kind. Other nations have modeled their constitutions after ours. It has worked in preserving freedom in America for these two hundred and twenty-one years; why would we change it now?
In defending the Constitution, we must also ask ourselves questions like this.
Will handouts, like government healthcare or welfare, really produce freedom? These things may not seem dangerous at first, but to accept favors from the government is to be beholden to the government, and that produces bondage, not freedom.
Will granting amnesty to illegal immigrants produce freedom? It may seem like a nice gesture, but in the end, it will produce confusion and dissention among all residents, not freedom.
“In God We Trust” is the national motto; not “in Government We Trust.” Should we ever forget that, our nation will “totter” as it did in 1787. And then it will be our turn to say, “Something must be done.”
Will you defend your Constitution?


Anonymous said...

The Constitution is window dressing. We are ruled by an aristocracy. The rich. A ruling class. America is a class society.
We elect representatives out of a prepackaged list put before us. We are economically coerced into working hard for other people our entire lives to make them rich. The poor working to make the rich richer. We guarantee the rich life, liberty and happiness through our blood and sweat. In return we are guaranteed poverty and the illusion of freedom. No equality. A forced inequality. Poverty forced upon us. Almost all of us will never succeed and realize our dreams because the cards are stacked against us. The entire system is designed, is built that way. We need to understand that the freedom the Constitution guarantees does not exist in reality. Its paper freedom. The Constitution and the whole system, the entire government, are a tool for preserving and defending the privileges, the class rule, the domination of the rich. You are against altering/changing the Constitution? It was designed to be changed with amendments. You disagree with the amendments giving women and blacks equal rights? Or lowering the age to vote to 18? Handouts to who? The rich? Over $13 trillion in taxpayer money to rich Wall Street bankers. Government healthcare? Health care "reform" is forcing millions to buy insurance plans from PRIVATE companies. Freedom? Not for all. Only for the rich. The rich aren't beholden to the government. The government is beholden to them and does their bidding. It guarantees them freedom and keeps us in bondage, in slavery to the rich. The anti-immigrant hatred and hysteria; all that is being stirred up by the government with the aim of creating confusion and dissention among us, to keep us divided, so we can't unite and fight back against our oppressors. The old tactic of "divide and conquer".

Anonymous said...

The Articles of Confederation was designed to prevent the federal government from being the main power. Instead it gaves individual states the most power. The federal government was made intentionally weak. Then the Articles of Confederation were scrapped and the Constitution adopted in its place, which gave the federal government the most power, now over the states. So in fact the adoption of the Constitution was the cornerstone of the big government bureaucracy now ruling in Washington. It has enabled all this.

In our society, isn't life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness only possible by the acquisition of wealth? If God views all people as being his creation and equal in his sight, isn't it un-Godly and evil of us to purposely have a society that does not guarantee everyone equal status?

Didn't God say in the Bible
to take care of the aliens (immigrants) in your country? Aren't the humans equal in his sight also? Did he not create the whole Earth with everyone on it? And it was us humans who cordoned off and artificially divided his land into countries?

Anonymous said...

Correction of last comment: Aren't immigrants humans too, equal in God's sight also? is what I meant to type.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous, You wear me out just reading all your negativity and twisted view of reality. I can not understand your point of view at all and can only assume you to be a communist.If that is the case you will never be happy here.

Anonymous said...

Is it a twisted view of reality to investigate and analyze the actually existing material conditions of society to see how things really are? To realize that we are lied to about how things really are by the ruling class of society? To realize that our society is unjust and oppressive? Yes my point of view is Marxist. I look at society from a class analysis. That there is a rich ruling class that rules over and exploits the oppressed working class. That the ruling class pulls the wool over our eyes to convince us that we don't live in a class society. That we are all equal and free.

I post here because I like discussing politics. You have your view, I have mine. It makes things more interesting to counterpose opposing viewpoints. I like debating with you. I wish you would engage in debate with me further. To get down to why you believe as you do and why I believe as I do.

Anonymous said...

The adoption of Constitution did grant the Federal Government more power than the articles of confederation, but that is not to say that it "was the cornerstone of the big government bureaucracy now ruling in Washington". When they considering ratifying the constitution, that was a fear, but it was resolved by the division of power into the three branches of government (legislative, executive, judicial)
The 10th amendment, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”, also restricts the Federal government.
The constitution overcame the fact that the states under the articles of confederation were not united enough to overcome adversity in times of war. Even those opposed ratifying the constitution knew that the articles of confederation were not good enough.

Rion Jacobs said...

Wow Liberty! I am not worthy! I love your stuff!

Liberty said...
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Liberty said...

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