Friday, October 29, 2010

Let's Vote!

Four short days remain between now and November 2. Election day is fast approaching - are you ready to vote? 
Some say that our most important right as citizens is the right to vote. Instead of America being tied to the fate of one royal family or ruled by a cruel tyrant, we have the opportunity to choose our own leaders. Do we realize what a blessing that is? Don't let your right go to waste! Vote on Tuesday. It can make a difference.
However, in order to make a difference for the better, you must be an intelligent voter. Voting for a candidate just because they grab your attention or say something attractive could be a dangerous mistake. (Look where we are today!) Making sure you're voting for the right person is just as important as the decision to vote.
At our Teen TEA Party in February 2010, my friend Victoria Blessing gave a presentation called "Six Simple Steps of Being an Intelligent Voter." These steps are a great review for everyone -- whether you're a new voter or are well acquainted with the ballot.

Set standards and know your values. Make a list of what you believe and what you stand for. Know what your stance is and where you stand on relevant issues.

Know the democratic system. Know your constitutional rights. Know what you can and cannot do. Understand the government of which you are an integral part.

Research the election and the important issues at hand. Research the candidates running, including their voting record, what the candidates have said in the past and know their values and morals. Use websites like and for information.

Get a list of standards and compare the candidates with your research. Compare which candidates have similar values to you and care about issues that are important to you.

Choose a candidate who will uphold the values you stand for and who you feel will make the right decisions. A vital part of this step is prayer.

This is the easy step. After following the previous five steps, you should be able to vote confidently. Don't think your vote is just one in a million and that it doesn't matter; every vote is as important as the individual behind it.

“Everyone 16 and older is eligible to vote in the next Presidential election. Start with the first five steps today. Let’s get started today, let’s become a generation of intelligent voters.” -- Victoria Blessing, February 10, 2010
Another AMAZING website is If you want to know how a candidate truly believes, look at their voting record. has every political leader's voting record on every issue.
The decisions made this Tuesday could determine whether America will soon be on the road to recovery, or whether we will lose more ground. I'm hoping to embark on the road to recovery.
Let's vote!


Nicki said...

I'm glad you posted that. Victoria's presentation was a good one, and I was hoping to read it again!

Hudson said...

I can't believe we won in PA.