Thursday, November 11, 2010

What Is A Good Citizen?

What is a good citizen? A common response to that question would be, “A good citizen is one who obeys the law and doesn’t cause trouble.” That may be part of what a good citizen is, but I believe it’s more than that. After all, we’re looking for the meaning of a good citizen, not a moderate one.
The dictionary describes good as being “worthy of respect or commendation,” “beneficial, honest, noble,” and “useful,” just to name a few definitions.
America wasn’t founded by moderate people on moderate principles. The road to freedom was a long, hard-fought struggle. It required faith, courage, and sacrifice to build America. Don’t you think it will take faith, courage, and sacrifice to preserve it?
Benjamin Franklin said in 1787, “[We have created] a republic, if you can keep it.” “Keeping” it will call for more than sitting apathetically on our own heap of blessings. “Keeping” it is part of being a good citizen.
Being willing to sacrifice your personal comforts and desires in freedom’s cause; that’s a good citizen.
Defending freedom today and correcting today’s problems so posterity won’t have to; that’s a good citizen.
Understanding how America was formed and why; that’s a good citizen.

Knowing and exercising your rights so the deaths that bought them won’t be in vain; that’s a good citizen.
Recognizing the sacrifice our military makes and giving them the respect they deserve; that’s a good citizen.
The list could go on and on, but the most vital thing to remember is that being a good citizen means loving your country, and love is a verb.


Anonymous said...

You believe America is in danger of losing freedom. Where do you think the danger lies? A certain person? A group of people? When you talk about sacrifice, what are you referring to? People taking up arms and fighting and dying in an insurrection against the government and military? What do you view as today's problems? Why and how in your view was America formed?

Anonymous said...

America is always endanger of losing freedoms big or small. the danger lies in no one entity.

I don't think a coo was what she had in mind. the sacrifice referred to is most likely service in the military, giving up safety and going where i would not go to preserve freedom, or
sacrificing what people think of you in order to say or do what is right.