Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Response

I don't need to convince you that America needs help. The only One who can help us is God. Texas Govenor Rick Perry has recognized the critical condition of our nation, and has called Americans everywhere to respond through prayer. Watch this one minute video from Gov. Perry and join the prayer movement on Saturday, August 6th! Don't forget to spread the word!


Anonymous said...

Rick Perry has recognized that he can invoke the name of God and Jesus to further his political career to get votes and possibly get elected to the presidency.

He's just maneuvering to try to get the right-wing Christian vote.

I wonder what Perry would have to say about the critical condition of Texas, billions of dollars in the hole, while during the governors race last year he said that Texas was doing great, untouched by the Great Recession? And teachers getting laid off across the state, meanwhile taxpayers paid $9000 a month so Perry and his wife could live in a replacement mansion after the govenors mansion was torched?

Nana Bridget said...

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